Machine integrated Brushing for Adaptive Manufacturing of special Purpose Cutting Tools

Funding agency

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Funding notice

The research project “BrushtoCut – machine-integrated 5-axis brushes for the adaptive production of high-performance tools” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and executed within the framework of the European funding programme “Eurostars”.

Project Number

E! 11939 / 01QE1809A


The aim of BrushtoCut project is the development of a technology for manufacturing complex-shaped cutting edges of cutting tools by means of 5-axis brushing. This will enable specific cutting edge geometries to be manufactured at the first run and will increase the life of the cutting tool by up to 300%.

Complex asymmetric cutting edges can drastically improve productivity and the life of cutting tools. Existing technologies are limited to produce simple shapes for cutting edges. Although brushing can generate various profiles in a cost-effective and efficient way, the brushing process has not been adopted due to missing process strategies and complex manual programming of the brushing operations.


Project start: Jun 2018

Project end: May 2020

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