CAM 2030

Joint project: Development of an innovative solution for advanced systems engineering of computer-aided process planning of the future (CAM2030); Subproject: Development and testing of the connection of modern, digital support tools to the CAM system

Funding agency: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Project Number: 02J19B082
The research and development project “Entwicklung einer innovativen Lösung für das Advanced Systems Engineering der computergestützten Prozessplanung der Zukunft” is funded by the Federal Ministery for Education and Research under the project no.: 02J19B082


The aim of CAM2030 is to develop an innovative solution for the Advanced Systems Engineering (ASE) of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) of the future. It addresses the four characteristics of autonomy, dynamic networking, socio-technical interaction and product-service-interlocking. The user-centred enrichment of the socio-technical working environment with novel digital optimisation tools is intended to enable the user to carry out process planning for highly complex components quickly, efficiently and safely in the future. The result is a new generation of CAM systems, which is characterised by lower planning effort, technologically optimised process planning and long-term knowledge build-up/maintenance.
The goal of ModuleWorks is to develop a cloud- and script-capable interface to the CAM core. The core is the connection of algorithms of Computational Intelligence. These support functionalities are integrated through new interfaces. A further element is the integration of coupled simulation tools. A CAM core modified in this way allows future operation on the basis of digital business models such as Power-by-Hour or Software-as-a-Service in edge or cloud infrastructures.

The project aims at an interdisciplinary development of a new generation of CAM systems through the interaction of the disciplines engineering sciences, computer science, labour sciences and business administration. The project results of the joint project are to serve as a model for the creation of a user-oriented development system, so-called Advanced Systems Engineering. Adequate strategies and procedures will be developed to ensure the successful introduction and application of the technologies used and their novel combination in companies.
Through this project, ModuleWorks is able to consolidate and expand its market leadership through disruptive product innovation and to position itself as a first mover in the provision of CAM modules with integrated technology models with EA/CC/KI interface functionalities. A CAM2030 “module” is an important novel product that will allow the concept of digitising the CAM chain to be extended to knowledge-based approaches. It will also enable an increase in market share in the field of CAM modules and the creation of additional IT jobs in and around Aachen. ModuleWorks will use existing structures for marketing, in the form of trade fair presentations, brochures and social media and for scientific publications. ModuleWorks is a member of the international academy for production engineering CIRP.


Start: October 2020
End: September 2023

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