Integration and development of simulation and path planning algorithms for use in close to hardware control loops

Funding agency

Federal Ministry of Education and Research


The “Closed Loop Manufacturing 4.0” (CLM4.0) project aims to increase the productivity and autonomy of machining production through the use of intelligently networked systems. Productivity and autonomy are negatively influenced by process instabilities (rattling), among other things. If chatter occurs during a machining process in mechanical production, the feed rate or cutting depth is usually reduced by operator intervention. Process parameters are often also selected on the basis of the expert knowledge of the machine operator gathered over the years.
This project aims to implement real-time chatter avoidance and tool wear detection using a smart box that communicates with the machine controller. With the help of an additional external control loop, which generates optimized NC paths (numerical control) based on the collected data and performs a preliminary process simulation, a stable process is ensured directly for future components.


Project start: Apr 2019

Project end: Feb 2022

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