Tag: 27. März 2020


Additive manufacturing and automated post machining of freeform biodegradable magnesium implants – AdPro Project start: Oct 2018 Project end: Sep 2021 Details The common goal of the joint project AdPro is the design and development of a Manufacturing process chain consisting of additive manufacturing and subsequent reworking by Milling for the production of individual, biologically …

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Flexible and robot-based surface structuring using positions of regulated UKP fiber guidance on 3D free-form geometries Funding agency: Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) Project Number: EFRE-0801624 / MP-2-2-020d Details The FOCUS project aims at the development of a novel flexible laser processing center based on commercial 6-axis robots, an innovative sensor-supported position detection and …

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