Flexible and robot-based surface structuring using positions of regulated UKP fiber guidance on 3D free-form geometries

Funding agency: Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE)
European Regional Development Fund
Project Number: EFRE-0801624 / MP-2-2-020d


The FOCUS project aims at the development of a novel flexible laser processing center based on commercial 6-axis robots, an innovative sensor-supported position detection and position control as well as a powerful, fiber-guided ultra-short pulse laser. Compared to classical machine tools, this approach will enable the generation of functional microstructures on large-format tools and will also provide access to this market for SMEs through cost-effective machine technology. The target application for the project is the microstructuring of tools with natural textures. The new concept uses a classical 6-axis robot, whose usual inaccuracies are compensated by the use of a 3D laser beam deflection unit and a sensor-based position measurement with a corresponding control concept. For material-independent machining processes with possible structure sizes of a few micrometers, an ultrashort pulsed (UKP) laser beam source is used. The coupling between robot with processing head and UKP beam source for this type of laser is for the first time realized by means of a new innovative fiber guide, which allows peak energies of more than 0.5 mJ.



Start: July 2019
End: June 2022

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