Innovative, adaptive and flexible fine machining process for the automation of manual fine machining processes using moulds

Funding agency

Sponsored as EFRE-0801650 / MP-2-2-038b by

European Regional Development Fund


The project combines experience and knowledge from the CNC field with systematically developed model theory to automate the fine machining process.

For this purpose a force adjustable tool system is used and controlled with enriched path data in an automated process according to the application. This approach is based on the principles of fine machining and allows path adaptation based on a wear model and not, as conventionally, on an object penetration model.

With this CAM-supported approach and the use of an intelligent and dynamic tool system with grinding and polishing tools specially developed for fine machining, a holistic solution is developed which allows even free-formed surfaces to be systematically machined with homogeneous material removal and reproducible results, which was previously not possible with the manual approach.

ModuleWorks allows to develop this CAM approach in a standard CAM environment and, if successful, to apply it directly in current packages. ModuleWorks enables the principles of fine machining to be implemented directly in machining strategies and thus integrated into the CAX chain.

Illustration Innoflex


Project start: Jul 2019

Project end: Jun 2020

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