Development of a digital twin for milling on the basis of physical simulations by coupling an innovative swept-volume CAM system with an FE simulation system

Funding agency

European Regional Development Fund

This project is financially supported by European Regional Development Fund (EFRE – Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung).


The aim of the “PhysiX-CAM” research project is to develop CAM software that combines material removal simulation for milling with physical FEM simulation. The new modelling strategy is based on a qualitative representation of the workpiece during the milling process (In-Process-Workpiece – IPW). The result of this project will be a digital-physical twin that describes the dynamic changes of the workpiece at different points of time during the milling process. The digital-physical twin will be used to optimize process parameters such as spindle speed to improve surface quality after the milling process. The results of the PhysiX-CAM project will help to configure milling processes in a resource-efficient way.


Project start: Feb 2019

Project end: Dec 2021

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