ModuleWorks release latest 2013.12 CAD/CAM components


December will see the release of the latest version of the ModuleWorks components, 2013.12, the third major update of 2013.  We continue to add a broad range of enhancements and this release includes new features for 5-Axis, MultiBlade and Simulation. Highlights are shown below:-

5-Axis Machining

5-Axis machining now offers the capability to link different 5-Axis toolpaths to provide a collision free transition between operations.  Previously, the motion between operations has been a post processor operation which can lead to collisions during the transition. The new option provides an automated method for maximum safety during rapid traverse.

  Multiaxis Roughing now has the ability to utilize 3D containment boundaries.  The toolpath motion can be restricted to a user controlled area giving improved toolpath control and the potential to reduce machining time.
The MultiBlade module has been enhanced and now offers integrated SWARF machining capability to provide additional finishing strategies. SWARF can be used to finish the blade with a single cut which simplifies programming and reduces machining time. The strategy is based on ModuleWorks’ state-of-the-art SWARF technology used in the standard 5-Axis package.  

3-Axis Machining

The constant Z slicing strategy now supports the machining of undercuts by using an integrated 3-5 axis tilting strategy. Parts can be finished using fewer operations and often from a single direction with no need for indexing.

Our 3-Axis flatland strategy has been optimized for high speed machining. Flat or shallow areas are automatically detected and can be finish machined using ModuleWorks’ high speed adaptive toolpath strategy.


A new proximity alert function has been provided.  Alerts may be triggered at different points as the tool moves closer to the stock. These alerts can be set up individually for the holder, arbor and shaft parts of the tool allowing users and integrators have a high degree of control.

  Machine simulation now has additional support for grinding applications. The grinding wheel can be setup as part of the machine kinematic providing fast and accurate simulation of the grinding process.

Collision detection now allows the stock material to be checked for collisions against the machine or any other arbitrary geometry. A much faster algorithm has been developed to make this a very interactive process.

Finally, Simulation has the ability to support G92 origin shift to re-specify the machine zero position. Tool positions shown in simulation will be more closely aligned with the X, Y and Z co-ordinates in the actual CNC program.

ModuleWorks 2013.12 CAD/CAM components will be released in December and will be available for download from the customer download area of the new ModuleWorks website.


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