Solving The Dilemma of Dental Undercut Machining


The new Automatic Undercut Rest Finishing feature is now available for ModuleWorks Dental Framework. This feature enables cost-effective finishing of difficult-to-reach undercut areas, thereby resolving the dilemma of dental undercut machining.

The dilemma

Sophisticated CAD technology enables more and more dental indications to be designed with undercut areas. However, these areas are notoriously difficult to machine, and material is often left in difficult-to-reach cavities and fissures in the undercuts.

This poses a dilemma: To remove this left-over material you need a fine tool and a complicated toolpath which results in longer machining times, extra wear on the tool and higher costs. The alternative is to ignore the difficult-to-reach rest material and live with a less than perfect finish.

The solution

ModuleWorks Automatic Undercut Rest Finishing resolves the dilemma by creating a precise toolpath that covers only the problematic cavities and fissures. This significantly accelerates the overall machining time to enable fast and cost-effective production of high-quality dental indications with an excellent aesthetic finish. It also prolongs the life of finishing tools, which reduces machining costs even further.

The video below shows the undercut machining workflow. In Step 1, ModuleWorks Automatic 3+2-Axis Undercut Machining automatically detects the undercut areas from the top and bottom without any user input, and then machines each undercut region from the best approachable machining angle. In Step 2, Automatic Undercut Rest Finishing is applied to efficiently remove the rest material in the difficult-to-reach cavities and fissures.

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