ModuleWorks launch new 2010.6 CAM components

Juli 1, 2010

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, has announced the latest release of its CAM components, version 2010.6. The latest release offers a range of new features across the product range, further expanding capability for 3-5 Axis toolpath creation and simulation.

5-Axis STL Machining

ModuleWorks 5-Axis machining offers new support for STL geometry meshes with the SWARF toolpath strategy. By using STL data and guide rails, an accurate and efficient 5-Axis toolpath can be created. Advanced smoothing strategies are applied to provide smooth toolpaths and eliminate potential imperfections caused by triangulation of the target model.

In addition, SWARF toolpaths can now be generated directly from wire frame geometry; splines for the tool path and tilt lines for the tool axis orientation. David Plater, Technical Director for ModuleWorks comments, “We believe that STL machining capability will open up more applications for 5-Axis machining; the data is more readily available and does not need the complex surface definition traditionally required for 5-Axis work. We also see new opportunities in reverse engineering where mesh data is often the raw input data”.

3-Axis Machining

Roughing now supports pre-drilled entry points, useful when machining cores and cavity type shapes. Finish toolpaths have improved region ordering to provide shorter and more efficient toolpaths while new silhouette containment gives more control.


Simulation adds new support for aggregate tool configuration and multiple heads; applications include router and right angle heads for milling machines. Multiple tools and spindles may be defined with the kinematic definition and simulation will show these different configurations as selected.

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