ModuleWorks offers new 5-Axis book extract online

November 1, 2008

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, announced the availability of a downloadable full chapter from the new book, ‘Secrets of 5-Axis machining’ on its recently re-launched website,

The new book has been authored by 5-Axis machining specialist Karlo Apro, who has 30+ years experience in the CAD/CAM and manufacturing industries and is currently a senior application engineer at CNC Software, the developers of Mastercam.

‘Secrets of 5-Axis machining’ is written from an unbiased viewpoint and with engineers in mind. It unveils the different techniques and challenges of 5-Axis machining with explanations of the different machine tools, machining strategies and CAD/CAM systems. The book contains many full colour examples and comes with a fully-featured multi-media CD with AVIs and fully interactive ModuleWorks Simulation examples.

Karlo Apro, the author comments “5-Axis machining is a real growth area in manufacturing and many companies are now utilising the technology to remain competitive. My book is based on my own experiences of supporting 5-Axis machining and is designed to minimise the learning curve for new users and provide advanced tips and tricks for more experienced engineers”. He also talks about early response to the book “We had the first run of copies at the IMTS trade show and sold out well before the end of the show and we’ve had many more enquires since, so I’m delighted with the positive response.”

Read more about this on-site or buy the book online at Industrial Press, Amazon; or from the European publisher Transatlantic Publishers.

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