Woodworking Framework

Many of the established and proven technologies in the metal cutting industry are now finding their way into woodworking, including 5-Axis machining and simulation. The industry is also moving towards more complex 3D models that require sophisticated toolpath generation.

The ModuleWorks CAD/CAM woodworking application allows you to quickly and cost-effectively integrate state-of-the-art toolpath generation and full machine simulation into your application. ModuleWorks also provides direct bridges to ACIS and Parasolid models to make it easier to work with complex 3D data. 

We've taken our industry-proven 5-Axis toolpath generation and simulation technology and optimized it to meet the special needs of the woodworking industry. Our easy-to-integrate components enable you to quickly build powerful woodworking applications with state-of-the-art features for fast and cost-effective production of even the most complex 3D shapes."
Sebastian Wallraff
Product Manager Woodworking Component

Powerful strategies such as multi-pencil finishing are available to reduce or eliminate final polishing. Undercut machining is fully supported with automatic collision detection. 
The machine simulation component inside the woodworking application supports virtually any router configuration including replaceable heads, drill blocks and vacuum heads. Material removal simulation shows all toolpaths including drill blocks, 4-way aggregates and saw cutting.

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