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We increase your competitiveness and accelerate your time to market by quickly and reliably integrating a broad spectrum of the leading and industry-proven CAD/CAM technology into your software solution.

As an independent company with a global reach that works in partnership with its customers, we continuously invest in developing innovative technology to enable you to master every challenge.

Digital Manufacturing

ModuleWorks Digital Manufacturing optimizes the performance and efficiency of milling and turning processes throughout the CAM and PLM enterprise industries with a powerful combination of toolpath generation components, 3D simulation software and an optimized user-experience.

CAM Automation & Digital Dentistry

A unique and powerful combination of dedicated plug & play component technology and self-driving CAM solutions for rapid implementation of automated CAM workflows that simplify and accelerate manufacturing in the dental, medical and other automation industries.

Digital Factory

All the benefits of ModuleWorks automated toolpath generation and real-time simulation directly on the CNC controller. ModuleWorks Digital Factory also offers next generation shop floor programming for easy interactive programming of 3D parts and the Visual Twin for machine visualization that’s as real as it gets.

Additive & Process Technologies

Advanced programming environment for laser-aided manufacturing, robotics and ultra-precision machining. Flexible toolpath generation strategies and full 3D machine simulation software build a comprehensive portfolio of industry-proven components for fast and cost-effective implementation of process-optimizing solutions.

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