January 8, 2015
Resource-Efficient Factory Of Recyclable Manufacturing composite components.
Task CAM module for water-jet cutting.
Project start Oct 2011
Project end Oct 2015
Website REFORM
Funding agency European Union
Details REFORM focuses on more resource-efficiency and cleaner manufacturing technologies for composite components to be exploited in different industrial sectors (e.g. Transport, Energy, Construction, ..).
Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are becoming very popular as their use reduces weight and allow innovative designs for energy-saving products during service-life. Nevertheless, service-life does not represent the total solution. A total life cycle view must be taken including manufacturing and end of life reuse, recyclability and/or disposal.
The central idea of REFORM is to focus on the manufacturing processes of FRP components considering, with an holistic view, the whole manufacturing cycle. The environmental friendly process technologies for Forming, Machining (cutting & trimming), Assembly and Recycling are specifically considered, as well as methods to integrate the proposed technologies into the eco-factory of the future.
REFORM considers specific RTD and Demonstration activities capable to provide advances towards full green economically viable manufacturing.
Partners The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom //
TEKS SARL, France // MACH4 LAB SRL, Italy // DVST LIMITED, United Kingdom // Fundation TECNALIA Research & Innovation, Spain // NOVA SRL, Italy // Fraunhofer IPT, Germany // Formtech Composites Limited, United Kingdom // SWEREA SICOMP AB, Sweden // DIAD Group SRL, Italy // Azimut-Benetti S.P.A., Italy // ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A., Spain


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 283336”

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