Visual Twin


As Real As It Gets.

Photo-realistic visualization of the machine and machining process.

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Realistic graphics and authentic effects

High performance



Use Cases


Live on-site demonstrations showing the customer's own parts
Prepare persuasive pre-recorded online demonstrations of customer-specific scenarios
Easy to set up customer parts and scenarios compared to a real machine
Low cost and low risk
Impressive animated authenticity


Eye-catcher that attracts new leads to the booth
Show multiple machines and machine series at a single exhibition
Easily create your own online marketing content
Cost-efficient deployment at exhibitions
Low footprint because no machine hardware is needed
Innovative, new and highly realistic


Train operators/students on your machine and CNC control
No risk of machine damage
Gaming-like authentic technology through acoustic and visual effects

Your Benefits

  • Connect to any CNC control
  • Run pre-recorded simulation
  • Customized to your industry needs (e.g.: wood working, additive, robotics, etc.)

  • Show your special technology cycles
  • Show your special machine and control features

  • Modular architecture allows quick deployment


Photo-realistic modelling of the machine and process
Integrate your control and PLC
Connect to your CAM system to model machining processes
Consultation to customize the VISUAL TWIN to deliver your key sales/marketing/training messages

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