As a software provider for CAM applications, we encounter a lot of different CAD systems with different solid engines. The geometries must be extracted from these systems and passed to ModuleWorks. The geometries range from simple points to 2D wireframes and complex parts with hundreds of surface entities. To easily connect to these systems and extract the data, we have developed bridges to the most common solid kernels: Parasolid, Acis and Open Cascade. This ensures high-quality data input to the ModuleWorks components for optimal toolpath calculation and simulation.

Mesh Toolkit

In addition to the bridges, the Mesh Toolkit is a collection of functions for creating and modifying triangle meshes. Originating from internal use during the development of our own algorithms, we saw the benefits these functions could bring to our customers and decided to condense them into a product.

Several mesh healing, slicing and generation algorithms are included in this new package. The clean and easy-to-use programming interface lets you to get the maximum benefit out of the Mesh Toolkit for your own applications.

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