Optics & Ultra-Precision Manufacturing

The ModuleWorks optics application is an industry-proven solution for the ultra-precision machining of optical parts, such as lens arrays. The optics application is a package of CAD/CAM software components with generic surface-based cycles that provide optimal programming flexibility for building tailored applications that offer maximum automation and safety for producing a vast diversity of parts.

Optical parts need to be machined to an accuracy of just a few µm and a roughness in the range of nm. The ModuleWorks 64-bit ultra-precision kernel is designed to meet the special requirements of the optics industry and to accelerate the production of parts with increasingly complex optical geometries. We use multi-threading for fast toolpath generation and a high-resolution simulation to meet the requirements of ultra-precision machining."
Mathias Rohler
Mathias Rohler
Product Manager Optics Component

The optics application offers customized and cost-effective implementation, uses optimized 3D spiral patterns for high-accuracy turning machines and supports multi-surface and lens arrays.

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