Post Processor Framework

ModuleWorks PostProcessing Framework generates NC-Code by a custom post script from the output of the ModuleWorks kinematic solver (MultiXPost) or any other source. PPF runs on a network server and on any operating system with python support. The output can be streamed to any device or machine.

The NC Code for your Machine Tool

The Post Processor Framework (PPF) lets you script the NC-output for any custom machine tool. PPF uses ModuleWorks MultiXPost as a front-end component to resolve any machine kinematic. Alternatively, you can use the API to integrate the software into your own toolpath environment, independent of the ModuleWorks toolpath calculation.

Key Benefits of PPF

Individually adaptable

Flexible scripting for any controller type (ISO-based, Sinumerik, Fanuc, Heidenhain,...) or output format

Rapid generation

Fast NC-code generation with ca. 50.000 moves/s

Posting script editable

Full API documentation which enables user to edit posting script

Open kinematics

Open kinematics format definition through ModuleWorks MultiXPost

API Integration

Languages: C#, C++

Multiple customizations

Multiple customization which enables user to edit posting script

Supported controller types and output formats

Supported NC-commands and programming cycles
Automatic processing of toolpath moves in absolute or part coordinates
Arc interpolation in main planes (XY, XZ, YZ)
Output of pivot point or tool tip
Tool radius / tool length compensation
Tool offset positive / negative
Cutter compensation left / right
Tool changes
Origin management
Continuous path mode / Exact stop
Feedrate (Inverse time feedrate, Feedrate profiles, Output in mm per minute/ mm per unit)
RTCP-mode for 5-axis programming
Rotary axes orientation based on Output of axes values/ Output of Euler angls
Call-functions for internal and external program calls
Control dependent syntax: Correct syntax of axes values, header, sequence numbering, comments, file naming, etc.
Main- / subprogram management
Implement individual logic and behaviour in customer post:
  • Output NC-commands prior and after an operation
  • Output NC-commands at specific positions in the toolpath
  • Add NC-commands if specific markers (e.g. layer start/end, slice start/end) are active in the toolpath moves
Complete PPF Documentation
  • PPF User documentation: Complete documentation to show the customers how to get started and how to create and modify posts with sections like:
    • Installation
    • Introduction & Getting Started
    • Sample Posts
    • Tutorials & Concepts
    • API Documentation

    • PPF Developer documentation: Description for developers who wants to integrate PPF in their own CAD/CAM-system with sections like:
      • PPF architecture & versioning
      • C++ Integration
      • .NET integration

Download PPF Factsheet

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