ModuleWorks announce availability of new 2008.9 software release

October 1, 2008

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, is pleased to announce the latest release of its CAM components, version 2008.9. The new release debuted at the recent IMTS machine tool show in Chicago, USA and offers a wide range of new features across the product range, further expanding capability for 3-5 Axis toolpath creation and simulation.

The market leading 5-Axis component has been further refined with new options for tool control and collision avoidance, both critical factors with complex multi-axis machining. Improvements to the popular 3–5 Axis conversion strategies offer more flexibility and automated tilt calculation for efficient collision avoidance. This is especially useful for Mold and Die applications where this technique allows short series cutters to be employed, giving improved surface finish.

The recently released 3-Axis machining component offers a new strategy for Flatland machining, an efficient production machining technique for prismatic solids. This strategy automatically detects all flat regions on the model and applies a finish toolpath to these areas. Other improvements include faster performance and new smoothing options for roughing to improve cutting conditions and allow higher feedrates to be employed.

ModuleWorks Simulation includes powerful analysis tools and further productivity tools have been introduced with options to highlight height and/or rotary changes in the simulated toolpath. As with the machining components there are also significant performance improvements with the 2008.9 release.

David Plater, Technical Director comments “We are very pleased with the reception the new software received from our partners and prospects at IMTS and believe we have produced a release with a balanced set of productivity and performance improvements to benefit all of our partners and customers around the world”.

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