ModuleWorks launch new 2010.9 CAM components release at IMTS

September 1, 2010

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for toolpath generation and simulation, will be showcasing the latest release, version 2010.9, of its 3-5 Axis machining and simulation technology on booth E-4120 at the IMTS exhibition to be held in Chicago from 13th to 19th September 2010.

ModuleWorks continues to innovate at the forefront of 5-Axis machining technology with additional capability for 5-Axis STL mesh machining. The 2010.9 release provides more control and improved performance and full support for undercuts on the target mesh.

3-Axis machining now supports stock with undercut regions to minimize air cutting on these models. Toolpath generation takes the 3D model into account and generates cuts only where material is present. This is particularly apparent on models such as that shown below with the image on the left showing the benefits of the feature; a much more efficient toolpath. Flatland machining is now significantly faster and can be combined with roughing to ensure all flats are fully machined during the first phase of machining.

Machine Simulation and toolpath verification now offer additional capability for Mill/Turn parts with faster performance and better quality of the final model.

Dr. David Plater, Technical Director for ModuleWorks, comments “We are seeing considerable demand for full simulation in Mill/Turn applications. Machine workspace is relatively confined with lots of potential for collisions between tools, turrets and spindles. Machine Simulation is a vital tool to ensure safe and optimised toolpaths.”

The 2010.9 release also introduces three new NURBS bridges to the Parasolid, ACIS and Open CASCADE modelling components to ease integration with applications utilizing these components.

The new release is also supported by an interactive Webinar to highlight the new features in action. The event is open to anyone looking to leverage the benefits of state-of-the-art CAM component technology. Email for further details.

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