SharpCam Partner with ModuleWorks for Simulation

May 1, 2012

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for 3 – 5-Axis toolpath generation and simulation have confirmed their partnership with European CAM supplier, SharpCam. SharpCam, delivered exclusively through the Internet, is an easy to use application for programming milling machines.

The latest releases of SharpCam include ModuleWorks state-of-the-art simulation component to show simulation of material removal during the manufacturing process, providing instant and accurate feedback to the customer and ensuring safe and optimal toolpaths.

Mr. Julian Paphitis, SharpCam CEO has been talking about the reasons behind the new partnership with ModuleWorks and comments, “We had spent many hours developing our own simulation and had basic functionality working, but always at the back of my mind was that I knew that it was not 4/5- Axis capable. Before we started our in house development we had contacted a number of suppliers but the cost and lack of interest in getting involved with a start-up company like ourselves was very disappointing. However, once we were contacted by ModuleWorks, things were very different. They went the extra mile, allowing us to use DirectX as opposed to OpenGL and offered a viable licensing arrangement. The end result is now an integrated solution that we are very pleased with, taking SharpCam to the next level! We have also been able to re-direct development resource into doing what we do best; easy to use programming. The support offered during integration was exceptional, we could not have asked for more and we look forward to continued collaboration with ModuleWorks.”

SharpCam join the growing list of more than 50 CAD/CAM vendors who have partnered with ModuleWorks to provide machining and/or simulation technology to their customers. Data from global industry consulting firm, CIMdata, show ModuleWorks technology used by more than 60% of the leading CAD/CAM suppliers.

Yavuz Murtezaoglu comments “We’re pleased to have SharpCam as a new partner. It is always interesting to work with the newer vendors on the market and we’re pleased that SharpCam has had a good experience working with ModuleWorks. The project highlights the benefits of the partnership with ModuleWorks, enabling SharpCam to deliver industry proven Simulation technology to customers in a short period of time.”

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