Day: January 8, 2015


Geometric Manufacturing Solutions for Freeform Shapes Project start: June 2012 Project end: June 2016 Details Freeform shapes represent one of today’s important manufacturing challenges. This applies to numerically controlled (NC) machining of parts to be produced in large amounts as well as to outer surfaces and subconstructions for unique designs in modern architecture.However, currently no …

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Resource-Efficient Factory Of Recyclable Manufacturing composite components Project start: Oct 2011 Project end: Oct 2015 Details REFORM focuses on more resource-efficiency and cleaner manufacturing technologies for composite components to be exploited in different industrial sectors (e.g. Transport, Energy, Construction, ..). Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are becoming very popular as their use reduces weight and …

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Integrated Simulation Systems for Laser Surface Treatment of Complex Parts Project start: Apr 2013 Project end: Apr 2015 Details The Task: CAM strategies for laser surface treatment of freeform surfaces on a 5-Axis machine. Sim4SurfT focuses on developing an innovative software supported technology for laser hardening, enabling an intelligent integration of software and manufacturing processes …

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Inline Process Metrology for Laser Structuring Systems Project start: Feb 2010 Project end: Feb 2013 Details The Task: Development of scan technologies for integration on an inline measuring system. The aim of this project is the development and integration of a novel inline- metrology device for laser structuring systems, enabling a correction of the manufacturing process …

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Integration of real machine behavior into the material removal simulation Project start: Nov 2014 Project end: Nov 2016 Details The Task: Integration and adaption of a measuring system for boundary conditions in automatic grinding. TurboERAS aims at developing a protoypical robot cabinet and optimizing tool pathes by using a measuring system during the manufacturing process for …

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Machine & process development for robust microstructuring of freeform shapes Project start: Nov 2006 Project end: Nov 2009 Details The Task: Control and GU interface for high dynamic machining. OptiStruct focuses on developing a complete process chain for robust, shape cutting microstructuring of freeform shapes. This eases the complexity of process chains for freeform shaped optic …

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Intelligent machining window Project start: Sept 2014 Project end: Sept 2017 Details The Task: Intelligent machining window. iWindow focuses on replacing the actually used viewing windows on a machine, which are very expensive, by intelligent machining windows (e.g. transparent displays or standard monitors where the machining room is displayed). The intelligent machining window combines the real …

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