Predicting and compensating for part distortion caused by residual stresses occurring during 5-axis machining operations Project start: Jul 2019 Project end: Jun 2022 Details Partners Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik IPT


Simulation and sensor based collision avoidance and toolpath correction for machine tools Project start: Jan 2020 Project end: Dec 2021 Details The set-up of workpieces is a challenge, especially with small batch sizes. Smaller batch sizes due to increasing product individualization and the widespread lack of skilled workers lead to a further increase in the …

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Integration and development of simulation and path planning algorithms for use in close to hardware control loops Project start: Apr 2019 Project end: Feb 2022 Details The “Closed Loop Manufacturing 4.0” (CLM4.0) project aims to increase the productivity and autonomy of machining production through the use of intelligently networked systems. Productivity and autonomy are negatively …

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Development of a CAM-Module to digitize manual work-steps in woodworking Project start: Apr 2018 Project end: Apr 2021 Details SMEs in the wood working sector are joining the current trend of manufacturing customized products. To remain competitive, they have to specialize more and more on small production batches. This is why the machining of extreme …

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Development of New H-type Tool Steel Materials via Wire- and Powder-based Laser Metal Deposition for Toughness and Hardness Enhancement Project start: Aug 2018 Project end: Jul 2020 Details This project will develop an innovative hybrid CAM-based laser added manufacturing process. The process simultaneously uses wire feed and small amounts of powder for the adaptive manufacturing …

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Industrialization of digital engineering and additive manufacturing (AM) Project start: May 2019 Project end: Apr 2022 Details The overall objective of the “Industrialization of Digital Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (AM) – IDEA” is the industrialization of additive manufacturing for the German industry by realizing a fully integrated, automated AM production line. By this measure, the …

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Digital photonic processchain Subproject : Pathplanning for the digital photonic processchain Project start: May 2016 Project end: Dec 2019 Details The aim of the DPP²project is to develop an integrated process chain based on procedural structures for laser ablation and Selective Laser Melting (SLM). As part of the project, ModuleWorks is developing a specialized CAM …

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Development of a digital twin for milling based on physical simulation via coupling between a Swept-Volume CAM system with FE simulation system Project start: Feb 2019 Project end: Dec 2021 Details The research project “PhysiX-CAM” aims at developing a CAM-software that combines a material removal simulation of a milling process with physical FE-Simulation. On basis …

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A technology platform for the fast machining of freeform surfaces using circle segment end mills Project start: Aug 2017 Project ended: Jul 2019 Details The aim of the FlexiMill project is to develop a turnkey technology platform for making novel and superior circle-segment-end-mills (also known as “barrel-tools”) for milling complex parts. Using circle-segment-end-mills significantly increases …

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Integration of real machine behavior into the material removal simulation Project start: June 2017 Project end: May 2020 Details The aim of the “AdaptCAD” project is to identify the real manufactured workpiece geometry by continuously recording the positions of the machining axes, without measurement, and adapting the CAD-model accordingly. This procedure improves process chain planning, …

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