Integrated Simulation Systems for Laser Surface Treatment of Complex Parts Project start: Apr 2013 Project end: Apr 2015 Details The Task: CAM strategies for laser surface treatment of freeform surfaces on a 5-Axis machine. Sim4SurfT focuses on developing an innovative software supported technology for laser hardening, enabling an intelligent integration of software and manufacturing processes …

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Inline Process Metrology for Laser Structuring Systems Project start: Feb 2010 Project end: Feb 2013 Details The Task: Development of scan technologies for integration on an inline measuring system. The aim of this project is the development and integration of a novel inline- metrology device for laser structuring systems, enabling a correction of the manufacturing process …

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Integration of real machine behavior into the material removal simulation Project start: Nov 2014 Project end: Nov 2016 Details The Task: Integration and adaption of a measuring system for boundary conditions in automatic grinding. TurboERAS aims at developing a protoypical robot cabinet and optimizing tool pathes by using a measuring system during the manufacturing process for …

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Machine & process development for robust microstructuring of freeform shapes Project start: Nov 2006 Project end: Nov 2009 Details The Task: Control and GU interface for high dynamic machining. OptiStruct focuses on developing a complete process chain for robust, shape cutting microstructuring of freeform shapes. This eases the complexity of process chains for freeform shaped optic …

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Intelligent machining window Project start: Sept 2014 Project end: Sept 2017 Details The Task: Intelligent machining window. iWindow focuses on replacing the actually used viewing windows on a machine, which are very expensive, by intelligent machining windows (e.g. transparent displays or standard monitors where the machining room is displayed). The intelligent machining window combines the real …

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Development of an abrasive 5-Axis waterjet process Project start: Aug 2014 Project end: Aug 2017 Details The Task: Development of strategies for 5-Axis toolpath planning for waterjet milling High-strength and brittle-rigid materials cause high tool waste on conventional milling processes, so that the costs for these processes are very high. This applies in particular for …

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