EXAPT selects ModuleWorks as CAM components partner

February 1, 2010

ModuleWorks, the leading supplier of CAD/CAM components for 3-5-Axis toolpath generation and simulation have confirmed their partnership with CAD/CAM Solution provider, EXAPT to provide state-of-the art CAM toolpath and simulation components for the EXAPT product range.

EXAPT has a rich history in the German CAD/CAM industry with a track record of success going back over 40 years to 1967. They provide a wide range of CAM solutions from lathe through to full 5-Axis simultaneous milling. Initially EXAPT selected ModuleWorks for 5-Axis machining capability but has since gone back to partner with ModuleWorks for 3-Axis and Simulation technologies.

5-Axis Machining

Back in 2005, EXAPT recognised the growing demand for 5-axis simultaneous machining. At the time they had a full development schedule enhancing the other areas of their product and were wary of diverting resource into what could be a long and expensive development project. They were also concerned about time to market and therefore elected to look for a technical partner. Having evaluated the market, they selected the ModuleWorks 5-axis machining component.

The 5-Axis product was launched in 2007 and initial reaction to the new product was extremely positive with sales to both existing and new customers looking to utilise 5-Axis machining. Since then EXAPT has worked with ModuleWorks to continually enhance the product with new 5-Axis capability added at each release.

3-Axis Machining

Following on from the success of the ModuleWorks 5-Axis integration, EXAPT began to look at other component opportunities and elected to be an early adopter for the new 3-Axis Mesh machining component which was under development from mid-2007. EXAPT was keen to bolster their 3D machining capability and provide increased flexibility and performance to their customer base.

As the 3-Axis component developed, EXAPT and ModuleWorks worked together to integrate prototype components and address specific requirements of EXAPT customers. The first EXAPT release containing the new 3-Axis component took place in mid-2009.


EXAPT have now begun work with a third ModuleWorks component, Simulation and has integrated stock removal into EXAPT in their current release. EXAPT elected to use many of the inbuilt tools in the ModuleWorks Simulation component to speed time to market and maximise leverage of the technology.

Yavuz Murtezaoglu, Managing Director for ModuleWorks comments “EXAPT have been a long term partner and we’re delighted to see much of our component technology tightly integrated within their product range. EXAPT have been an excellent partner and their feedback on the use of the different technologies has been very valuable to our ongoing development”

In looking back at the ModuleWorks partnership, Dr. Arndt Richter, Managing Director for EXAPT comments, “It has been a highly beneficial relationship, both to the EXAPT company and our customers. By working with ModuleWorks we have had access to an extended development team and this has enabled to us to develop software much faster than would otherwise have been the case. Each of the components have performed as expected and the 3 monthly releases from ModuleWorks have allowed us to get new features to our customers quickly.”

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