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CAM Automation & Digital Dentistry

Automate and optimize your CAM workflows with customized and easy-to-use plug and play self-driving CAM solutions.

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Our CAM Automation & Digital Dentistry uses a unique and powerful combination of dedicated plug and play toolpath and simulation technology to deliver customized and highly automated CAM solutions that simplify and accelerate your manufacturing workflows."
Soroosh Eghbali

Soroosh Eghbali

Head of
CAM Automation & Digital Dentistry
CAM Automation Applications

CAM Automation Applications

Self-Driving CAM optimizes the performance and quality of a vast range of CAM automation applications. It can be configured and utilized as:

  • a fully-automated CAM system for manufacturing prismatic parts.
  • an adaptive toolpath calculation based on scan data or new user inputs.
  • an automatic CAM framework for part-families, e.g. Orthopedic and Prosthetic CAM Framework.
  • a cloud-based application which can be accessed remotely and serve remote fabrication centers

In each case, end-users generate their manufacturing program automatically at the push of a button.

Self-Driving CAM

Self-Driving CAM

Equipped with automatic feature recognition and further process automation intelligence, ModuleWorks Self-Driving CAM helps engineers, machine operators and milling centers to dramatically speed up the job preparation process. Automatic selection of geometries and features as well as automatic tool assignment and setup of efficient consecutive operations streamline your job setup and keep your production moving.


Advanced technology is changing the landscape in the medical field. Podotherapy and orthopedic treatment are going digital by using scanners, CAD/CAM software and CNC machines in the manufacturing workflow. ModuleWorks Self-Driving CAM delivers the workflows to manufacture customized insoles, shoes and many other orthopedic and prosthetic parts efficiently and automatically. 

Dental Framework

ModuleWorks Dental Framework empowers dental CNC manufacturers and dental CAM software integrators with the most advanced toolpath calculation technology available in the dental CAM market.
Dentists and dental technicians who use the integrated dental CAM software and CNC machines powered by ModuleWorks Dental Framework maximize the efficiency and profiftability of their dental labs and practices through simplified workflows, faster calculation times, faster machining times and longer tool life. 



ModuleWorks delivers dedicated
software components and solutions for additive manufacturing (SLM, DLP, Hybrid-AM), robotics and ultra-precision manufacturing. Our flexible toolpath generation strategies (from 2D to 6-axis) and full 3D machine simulation software with collision avoidance build a comprehensive portfolio of industry-proven components for fast and cost-effective implementation of process optimizing solutions.


The NC-Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use application for editing, simulating, back plotting and verifying G-code for CNC machining. With an intuitive interface that provides instant 3D simulation while you edit the program, you can detect potential collisions and errors at a glance and quickly optimize the performance and safety of your machining process.

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