Day: March 27, 2020


Development of a digital twin for milling on the basis of physical simulations by coupling an innovative swept-volume CAM system with an FE simulation system Project start: Feb 2019 Project end: Dec 2021 Details The aim of the “PhysiX-CAM” research project is to develop CAM software that combines material removal simulation for milling with physical …

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An integral process value chain based on Hybrid Manufacturing process for a flexible and reconfigurable production of high complexity tooling Project start: Apr 2019 Project end: Mar 2021 Details The Flex-Tool project will tackle a global solution for an innovative hybrid manufacturing process that wil combine Laser Material Deposition additive manufacturing technique with 5 axis …

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Machine integrated Brushing for Adaptive Manufacturing of special Purpose Cutting Tools Project start: Jun 2018 Project end: May 2020 Details The aim of BrushtoCut project is the development of a technology for manufacturing complex-shaped cutting edges of cutting tools by means of 5-axis brushing. This will enable specific cutting edge geometries to be manufactured at …

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Additive manufacturing and automated post machining of freeform biodegradable magnesium implants – AdPro Project start: Oct 2018 Project end: Sep 2021 Details The common goal of the joint project AdPro is the design and development of a Manufacturing process chain consisting of additive manufacturing and subsequent reworking by Milling for the production of individual, biologically …

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Innovative, adaptive and flexible fine machining process for the automation of manual fine machining processes using moulds Project start: Jul 2019 Project end: Jun 2020 Details The project combines experience and knowledge from the CNC field with systematically developed model theory to automate the fine machining process. For this purpose a force adjustable tool system …

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Surface hardening of freeform surfaces; Algorithms for optimized toolpath generation for surface hardnening Project start: Apr 2017 Project end: Mar 2019 Details This project is developing new methods and tools to improve the performance of mechanical surface peening of forming tools. Mechanical surface peening is a metal forming process for mechanical surface treatment. The tool moves over …

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Flexible and robot-based surface structuring using positions of regulated UKP fiber guidance on 3D free-form geometries Project start: Jul 2019 Project end: Jun 2022 Details The FOCUS project aims at the development of a novel flexible laser processing center based on commercial 6-axis robots, an innovative sensor-supported position detection and position control as well as …

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Innovative process chain for the production of lightweight gears for aerospace using 5-axis milling and grinding Project start: Jan 2018 Project end: Dec 2020 Details The aim of the CompactGears4Turbo project is to develop an innovative process chain for manufacturing compact lightweight gears for aerospace transmissions by means of 5-axis milling and grinding. By adopting …

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Predicting and compensating for part distortion caused by residual stresses occurring during 5-axis machining operations Project start: Jul 2019 Project end: Jun 2022 Details Partners Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik IPT

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