Why Research?

New Technologies as Success Drivers

The CAM software evolves constantly. New features and functionalities are being presented on the regularly basis. Despite its leading market position, ModuleWorks keeps on devoting significant resources not only to keep the pace with competition, but also to go beyond the current industrial practice. Many great ModuleWorks products stem from research done within the company. Permanent development of new technologies is an essential part of ModuleWorks strategy to fulfill customer requests for different manufacturing applications.

Publicly Funded Research Projects

ModuleWorks is very active and successful in acquiring and conducting research projects backed by German and European agencies. The key element of the success is the dedicated Research Department that coordinates efficient collaboration between numerous experienced software developers with strong scientific background. If you have an outstanding idea in the CAM area, our Research Team can facilitate to elaborate it further in order to help you to get additional financing through the state. With our knowledge in production technology, math, and computer science, we can serve various projects.


Not only excellent products and services require promotion via exposure through different media, but also the results of research activities are to be brought to a wider audience than just the small number of partners involved in research projects. ModuleWorks is a long-standing corporate member of CIRP, the most renown community in the field of conventional and unconventional machining. Having participating at CIRP meetings and conferences, ModuleWorks is able to spread its newest technologies across industrial practitioners. Besides, ModuleWorks publishes new findings in the top-notch scientific journals.

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ModuleWorks Research

Many ModuleWorks products originate from research projects. Through the public funding we gain momentum to develop the technological basis for successful products. We can start preliminary developments even before market requests for new functionality, therefore we are able to be ahead of the demands and serve as the technology provider in for new technologies.

With our research department we can channel new technology streams. We help the innovative people behind the new ideas to get their new processes “additive, Robot milling” into the virtual process chain. On the other side we are able to integrate highly “virtual” topics like industry 4.0 into the same software basis. This serves as an enabler for these Technologies. ModuleWorks purpose is here to enable new and small partners and regular SME (small and medium enterprises) to digitize their processes or get their idea on the production floor.

We utilize for these projects the full power of our various development teams, by integrating the research tasks in our agile development. This assures that research results can be released as new products or features at no extra effort. Therefore, all ModuleWorks partners can utilise and profit from public funded research.

To reach these goals we are active in various technical areas to get in contact with as many active research groups as possible to assure that we think as far as possible outside of the box and contribute to all possible technical developments.

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Dr.-Ing. Marc Stautner​

Research Director

Dipl.-Inform. Eva Berckmann

Research Program Manager Medical Applications

Dr. Denys Plakhotnik

Research Program Manager Advanced Manufacturing
ModuleWorks is a CIRP corporate Member since 2014.